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About Checking-the-Books

We offer a wide variety of professional bookkeeping services customized to meet your individual business needs. We serve diverse clients—those with small and medium-sized businesses, including home offices, self-employed, and corporations—at competitive prices.

You have more important things to focus on than bookkeeping—your customers and your business. Checking-the-Books provides experienced, affordable, and dependable bookkeeping services. Clients are given peace of mind knowing exactly where their business is headed with accurate up-to-date financial statements and reporting.

With offices located in the San Francisco Bay Area and Medford, Oregon, local clients can be served on-site. Clients utilizing QuickBooks Online or other remote-access software can be served off-site.

Delegate the "To Do" Pile

What started out as a small manageable stack of a few slips of paper now has amassed into a pile that seems so daunting, you don't know where to even start. Let us help you organize and process your paperwork.

Get More Hours in the Day

Your workload is cutting into evening and weekend hours, taking time away from family and friends. Let Checking-the-Books handle the behind-the-scenes paperwork while you focus on the day-to-day needs of your customers—and have more time for the rest of your life.

Save Money

Keep accurate books without the overhead expense of a full-time bookkeeper. Sound financial records put you in control—to focus on the changing needs of your business and allow for tax planning with your CPA. Stop paying services fees and late charges.

Checking-the-Books has over 15 years of accounting and office management experience ready to work for your business.