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Lynn Martin - Owner

lynn martin bookkeeper

I have enjoyed numbers, math, counting and "playing business" since I was a very small girl. Born to hardworking parents who struggled to buy acreage for horses outside Medford, Oregon, I was raised knowing both the value of the dollar and that hard work never hurt anyone. A country girl at the very core, I still prefer to get up at the crack of dawn and dive right into my chores or clients for the day. My free time is always spent outdoors whether hiking, biking, taking a stroll on the beach or tending to my flower garden—I love being outside.

Like you, we all have a story about how we got started with our own business. For me, it was while I was camping at Lake Shasta in 2005. I made the decision to turn my bookkeeping hobby into a full-time career. I told my mom that morning while sitting around the campfire that I was going into business for myself. She asked what I was going to call my business. I said, "Checking-the-Books," and it was born.

Years of working hard to get to a place that I could afford to take that leap...of self employment. I have heard many quips from family and friends of my being frugal, such as "being tighter than bark on a tree," that I "stuff my mattress," or the one that I could "pinch a penny and could squeeze it into a quarter."

Let my value sense help your business. I provide honest and reliable bookkeeping at reasonable rates.

B.A. in Business Administration, QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Certified