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Client Testimonials

"Lynn is a saint! Really! I'm so glad I found her here. She has actually improved the quality of my life. As a small business owner, that in itself is priceless. She cuts right to the chase, gets the work done VERY quickly and has a ton of great advice on everything from how to handle sticky QB transactions, to streamlining your business and more. AND, she is very personable and friendly. My only regret is that we didn't find her sooner! I'm truly a fan!"

"Lynn is a great resource. She is very experienced, knowledgeable and a perfect addition to our team. Her ability to recommend new processes and procedures is always welcome. She continues to add value at every turn.

Lynn is upfront, more than accommodating with her consulting time and I would easily recommend her for her outstanding Bookkeeping and complementary office and accounting skills."

— Dave W.

"I am so glad to find Lynn as my QuickBooks adviser. She is well experienced. I really appreciate her help. Thank you so much Lynn!"

"Outstanding service—Lynn is knowledgeable, flexible, helpful, affable, and encouraging to the neophyte bookkeeper. She's also adept at working with those of us who are Mac people in an all-PC business universe."

— Tom T.