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Non-Profit Organization

Customized Bookkeeping

Non-profit organizations have the same fundamental concern as for-profit business—the need to generate revenue to continue the mission of your organization.

Donors and grantors are your customers and donations are your income. Without these sources of income, your organization cannot continue to grow.


Checking-the Books will help you with:

  • Reviewing or setting up your QuickBooks company file.
  • Creating of proper unified chart of accounts—for non-profits a must.
  • Assisting your CPA/tax professional to accurately complete your Form 990.
  • Tracking donations, donors and grantors, and allocation of funds.
  • Creating a database of donors for future marketing and fundraising.
  • Generating thank-you letters and donation statements for all donors.
  • One-on-one training in QuickBooks data entry methods for non-profit accounting.